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What our customers are saying:


I have had ordering custom-made T shirts with many manufacturers before, but this is the first time we have been modified the pattern and the sample so many times due to our design changing. The positive attitude is amazing!

YONG SIN MOTORS CO LTD --- Image Concept Designer


The custom-made POLO uniform fabric you gave us was very great and very comfortable. And now it doesn't get any sweat smell after our delivery driver returned from work.

MJ MOTOR --- Boss


This fabric of this jacket ordering is really comfortable, our staff are very satisfied!

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Love Hamburger --- Boss

這野戰訂做T恤的材質及印刷我們會員都相當滿意,好多會員想要加購,但是我不賣,不知如何定價啊…? 這熱昇華印刷實在太棒了。    

This material and printing of our custom-made uniform are very satisfied with our member. Many of them want to get more, but I don't sell it. I don't know how to price it...? This sublimation printing is really great!

Mommy & Baby Development Association --- President

這T shirt好輕、好透氣啊,感覺好像沒穿一樣…哈!

The T-shirt is very light and breathable, and it feels like I am not wearing... Ha!       

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SYM(SANYANG) Banqiao Jilang Store --- Technician


Wow! This shatter-resistant jacket is as good as made in Japan but less cost. It is really very textured and beautiful!

KAWASAKI Head office --- manager


Although the number of Chinese tourists who come to Taiwan has decreased a lot, the sales of our new custom-made T shirt are much better than the previous ones. The design and the materials were beautiful, and it is much better than the previous manufacturers!

Travel agency --- manager

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